Monday, 4 March 2013

Changing it up for 2013

Officially going CSA for 2013
Dear local food supporter,

I started the Bluff Box back in 2011 as a way to support a local farm and a local farmer and to connect my friends and neighbours with some fantastic local, organic produce on a weekly basis. For the past two years, it's been great working with Sea Bluff Farm—specifically with farmers Adam Saab (2011) and Ian King (2012)—but after watching the former move to Vancouver and the latter move to Saskatchewan, I'm re-evaluating my concept of local food security. For me, at least in 2013, local = Duncan and security = continuity + reliability.

So, while I'm excited to see what transpires at Sea Bluff Farm this year with a new farmer at the helm, I'm partnering with a new farm for 2013—one with which I've had a relationship since 2009 when they kindly let me grow some grain on their farm. Without further delay, I'm excited to announce that thanks to the awesome folks at Makaria Farm, aka Brock & Heather, new and current Bluff Box customers in the Victoria and Langford area (see map) can sign up, as the graphic colourfully suggests, for 21 weeks (!) of organic vegetables through Makaria Farm's CSA for about $21/week (+$3/delivery) starting in June 2013. Makaria's been offering a "community supported agriculture" vegetable share for the last 6 years but this is the first year those of us in the Greater Victoria area can participate without needing to visit their Duncan farm on a weekly basis. Why? THEY DELIVER! (likely on Thursdays)

For all the details and to sign up, head on over to the Makaria Farm website. If you would like to save the aforementioned $3/week delivery charge and Fernwood is convenient for you, please email and I'll let you know *my* address so you can specify it as your pick-up location.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Hope to see lots of you come June when the Makaria Farm CSA makes its first delivery of locally grown, organic produce for our eating pleasure.

"Grainy" Gidney on Makaria Farm
Thanks for your support!

All the beets,

Holland Gidney